Long Bay Beach

This rural, unspoiled Jamaican village sits at the foot of the John Crow Mountains where the rain forest grows right to the sea in some places. The beach is one of the loveliest in all of Jamaica, a mile long with a handful of cottages. 

Long Bay offers a variety of swimming experiences from fairly heavy surf to gentle pools safe for young children. Air and water temperatures both average 80F degrees year-round. There is no reef and marine currents can be strong. Stay close to the shore.

This is not merely a tropical vacation spot, it's a cultural adventure.

Bath Fountains

Visit another of the unspoiled rainforest in eastern Jamaica at Bath Fountain. Here, hot mineral water flows directly out of the rocks above.

The spring water contains therapeutic sulfur, lime and magnesium which is claimed by folk legend to have medicinal healing properties. You may receive a deep tissue massage with mud and fragrant natural oils, as well as a spiritual blessing. Leave with a clear and renewed mind and body.

Reach Falls

When you come to Port Antonio you should not miss "Reach Falls". The falls, in the middle of a jungle, are very popular with tourists since a memorable scene of the movie "Cocktail" was shot there. The falls are a gorgeous natural movie set. Playboy, Cosmopolitan and Harper's have all brought their cameras here.

If you like hiking, you should follow a narrow path that will take you to mandigo cave with its whirlpool. Ask your guide about the secret 100 ft. Waterfall!

On the way to Reich Falls you pass through Errol Flynn's Estate (Long Bay Beach) and the town of Manchioneal, a great place to buy live lobster or fresh fish. Don't forget your swimsuit and mosquito repellent.

The falls are open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday (included).

Blue Lagoon

Located in San San, Blue Lagoon is set in a lush tropical garden. This fresh water lagoon, due the cold mineral water that bubbles out the ground, is 180 ft. deep and of a remarkable shade of blue.

The lake is opened to the sea by a narrow channel but its waters come from the springs in the surrounding mountains, legend says the waters are aphrodisiac. Swim through the jade green water with its cool top layer and warm under layer and taste the sweet and sultry saltiness, it is heaven.

Frenchman's Cove Beach

Frenchman’s Cove beach is one of the most beautiful in Jamaica.

Does the beach look familiar? It should: you’ve seen it as a film set in popular movies such as Knight and Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. But today, it stars you.

In the 50’s an exclusive hideaway for the rich and famous, this lush beach and crystal clear river was the setting for the movie "Lord of the Flies." Bring a raft or an inner tube and float the river .

Order grilled lobster or chicken and have the waiter deliver it right to your lounge chair on the beach.

Rio Grande Rafting

This is one way Errol Flynn used to party! Climb aboard a 20 ft. bamboo river raft for a 2-1/2 to 3 hour cruise down this beautiful slow flowing river.

Ask your captain to navigate your raft through a narrow passage way known as Lovers Rock. Go swimming, eat lunch on the banks of the river.

The Rio Grande River is one of Jamaica's largest rivers and has been used to transport bananas from the interior of the island for many years. Rafting for fun was introduced by legendary Hollywood star, Errol Flynn, who made Port Antonio his home.

Swimsuits or sportswear and sun hats are the recommended attire.

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